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10 Service Design resources you should know about

You’re a business owner, looking for ways to improve your company’s service design. Or maybe you’re a student considering the service design route, but you have no clue where to start. Or you’re just a curious cat and you want to know more about service design. In this article I'll share my top 10 service design resources.

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    Artificial Intelligence in Service Design

    Technology is more than ever impacting our daily lives. Services are fundamentally shifting from mere human-to-human contact towards a mix of technological and human interaction. Designers should already take this evolution into account when creating future experiences. In this think-piece we will spotlight artificial intelligence, its accompanying design hurdles and how to overcome them.

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    And the rest is implementation…

    Implementation of services at the ground floor of organisations is not a merely administrative follow-up of the design process. Let's look into the pivotal role of first line staff and how to take them into account successfully in service design.

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    Service Design Global Conference 2018 - Dublin

    Knight Moves went to Dublin for the Service Design Global conference. Read what they learned from the speakers and hands-on workshops!

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    ARENA #6 - Human Centred Organisations

    For our 6th edition of ARENA we invited Olga Scupin from Fuxblau and Kara Kane from GovUK to talk about their experience with Human Centred Organisations. It was a great succes!

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      Startup's most beloved friend: Innovation Ecosystems

      Why would you research the same product assumptions, your neighbor did already 3 years ago? Say hi to startups’ most beloved friend: The innovation ecosystem.

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      Ghent Service Jam 2018

      A few weeks ago we hosted the Ghent Service Jam in our office. Time to reflect and put together some of our learnings from the experience!

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