December 18th, 2018

How we improved the donation experience of Oxfam Pakt Uit

Christmas and New Year are getting close, a moment to reflect on the year that passed by and spoil your loved ones. Unfortunately after these festivities, a lot of presents end up on second hand marketplaces or at the back of a closet. That's why this year we took on a challenge for Oxfam Solidariteit. We helped them to improve the donation experience of their "Oxfam pakt uit" (translation "Oxfam unboxing") initiative. We hope that with our help, more people will be giving a present with impact.

Give a donation as a present with Oxfam Pakt Uit

‘Oxfam pakt uit’ is a charity gift catalogue that was launched by Oxfam back in 2004. It works like this: The customer chooses a gift from the Oxfam Unwrapped catalogue and sends a gift card or e-card to someone they know. Instead of giving a material gift, you give a donation in name of the receiver to a good cause Oxfam supports somewhere in the world. The gifts are grouped into various categories according to their theme. A few categories where you can choose from are agriculture, emergency aid and gender violence. The money spent on each gift could fund any of the activities within these categories, supporting Oxfam’s work around the world wherever it is needed the most. So you can donate chickens, goats, but also support entrepreneurial women.

Oxfam Steps En

Changing the focus from sender to receiver

The flow of buying and receiving the ‘Oxfam pakt uit’ gift is very much centered on the buyer. He will choose the gift and receive all the information about the theme and impact of the gift. Whereas the receiver, who will actually be donating the gift, gets a pdf or postcard with very little information about the impact and purpose of the gift. Our challenge was to improve the overall donation experience of ‘Oxfam Pakt Uit’ to make it more engaging for both the sender and receiver of the gift.

With a collaborative team of people from all Leap Forward companies we held brainstorm sessions to understand the flow of giving and receiving. In close collaboration with Oxfam Solidariteit the initial concepts were transformed into one experience flow with both physical and digital elements. A lot of thought went into the way we could bring a transparent and clear story of how your donation is treated while still keeping it light and playful.

A both digital and physical experience

In a couple of weeks we managed to design a flow that physically and digitally interacts with both the sender and receiver of the gift. The physical part exists of an origami giftbox that can be personalized and put together by the person giving the gift. When receiving this origami giftbox and opening it, scanning a QR-code will refer the receiver to an interactive web application. Through this interactive journey, the receiver will learn more about his gift and the impact it has on people’s lives.

Here below you can find a video where we show you how we came up with the idea for Oxfam Pakt Uit and how we built the both physical and digital experiences.

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