January 23rd, 2020

Leap Forward wins two Henry van de Velde Awards

We are very proud to have won two Henry Van de Velde Awards for two projects we worked on over the last few years.

Woningpas wins in the category Digital Product

A great collaboration with Vlaams Energie Agentschap, Wonen Vlaanderen, OVAM & Ruimte Vlaanderen and the input from many many others led to the realisation of Woningpas.

Knight Moves wins for IXZO! in the category of collaboration

Together with GO! Knight Moves won for our intensive co-creation with students, teachers and educational experts.


You can visit the winners exhibition in Bozar and see our two projects there.

Our congratulations go out to all the winners and especially of those of the Gold Awards!

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David Morgan

Service Design Architect

David is an empathic designer with a passion for learning about people, technology and systems. He is driven by improving processes and workflows and always shifting from the big picture to the nitty gritty details.

He works with you as a strategic design partner and coach, to help you figure out what change needs to be realised and how to achieve this through design. Together with Stina Vanhoof he is host of the Service Design Podcast and frequent speaker at conferences and trainings.