September 23rd, 2019

We've got some fresh meat at Leap Forward

We've got some fresh meat at Leap Forward. With Sjouwke, Joan, Lisa, and Wout we acquired a talented group of young creatives. While Sjouwke and Wout joined the Little Miss Robot team of digital product designers, Joan and Lisa joined Once Storytelling as visual designers. Read more about their journey, ambitions and discover their talent in the article below.


Sjouwke started her career at Leap Forward as an intern and now she has joined the Little Miss Robot team. She studied Crossmedia Design at Artevelde Hogeschool and Digital Design and Development at Howest. Sjouwke has been freelancing since 2016, doing both graphic and web design and development of static websites. But when the opportunity came to join the LMR team, Sjouwke gladly accepted.

As a front-end developer and designer, she's currently working on development projects: translating beautiful screen designs into component-based HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

"I like ‘going the extra mile’ and finishing up a project down to the last detail. I enjoy adding value to a project by thinking about subtle details and including delightful effects and animations."

Besides improving her overall coding skills, she would like to get to know more about other front-end technologies such as Nuxt.js & Vue.js. The back-end side of projects and setting up Content Management Systems such as Craft CMS are also on her bucket list. Concerning design, she would like to get better and more familiar with creating large component-based design systems.

Sjouwke is the Sporty Spice of the office. She's a frequent gym visitor and loves running as well. She says she has to be sporty to compensate for her foodie lifestyle. She loves to wine and dine and she'll never refuse a bag of potato chips coming along.

Discover more of her work here.


Joan Dumez

You might remember Joan, who was also an intern with Once last Spring. And since this team of guys was in desperate need of a female touch, Joan proved to be the perfect match. Before her internship, she graduated from Howest with a Bachelor's degree in Digital Art and Entertainment. Once is her first real job, after having had a number of student jobs like assisting a contemporary artist and freelance projects for Davai.

She prefers a varied schedule and that's what she found at the Once team. One day she's making illustrations, the next she's building 3D models. Her goal is to broaden her artistic technique skillset.

"Making illustrations has always been my passion and being able to this as a job still amazes me. I feel really lucky. These past few months I've been making frame-by-frame animations so it's my main goal to specialize in that field. It's pure magic to see your own illustrations coming alive through these animations!"

But next to work, Joan also proves to be a busy bee. She pole dances as a way to stay fit and boost her confidence. What the team loves about Joan is that she loves to cook and bake, that makes us the ultimate audience to test her creations. Yummm!

Discover more about Joan via her ArtStation and Instagram.

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Lisa Lapon

Lisa joined us during the Summer. She finalized her Bachelor's in Digital Design and Development at Howest Kortrijk this year. She is thrilled to become the fifth Once team member where she will be designing websites and apps in her new role as a Digital Graphic Designer. Lisa is not afraid of a challenge, she welcomes projects outside of her comfort zone.

"I love to illustrate, so it would be great if I could do more of that. There are multiple things I want to learn from my team such as making better motion design, getting better at drawing a composition, making 3D objects … I’m open to a lot of challenges."

Lisa wants to be known as an illustrator but states that her style is not fully developed yet. She prefers a playful illustration style and a darker and realistic Photoshop style. In her free time, she loves to draw and experiment with photography.

Check out Lisa's work on Behance.


Wout Vandesompele

Our last new addition to the team is Wout. He also graduated from Howest Kortrijk in Digital Design and Development and started his role as a Junior Front-end Developer at Little Miss Robot in September. Wout says that understanding the process behind building digital products energizes him. He prefers to divide his workload in smaller tasks and experiences small wins every time he finishes one. The more small tasks you get done as a developer, the closer you get to a good-looking end result.

"I love to work on projects that are not only functional to use but also enjoyable to interact with. When you go to a website and you see something special happening there, you will remember it or even tell it to your friends. Working on projects that leave the user with a certain feeling gives me a real adrenaline boost."

Wout wants to grow in future technologies like AR, AI and voice recognition and then implement these to create better experiences for end-users.

In his free time, he loves to run along the Leie. It's the perfect way for him to clear his head in order to start working again with fresh creativity.

Discover Wout's work on his website.


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