March 02nd, 2018

Fix It Friday 2.0

At Leap Forward we love getting shit done, and we’re pretty good at it too. While we take the time to take care of the important stuff we sometimes neglect dealing with the little problems & hindrances we run in to on a daily basis. This builds up until we can’t stand it anymore and we have to face it head on. That’s why last year we introduced “Fix it friday”. We pick a friday every two months where we clear our schedules to take care of fixing the small practicals and have fun at the same time, blowing off steam doing creative projects that benefit us, our clients and our fellow creatives.

This time around we:

  • Prepared an event

  • Added a personal touch to the office

  • Made the front-end part of our design system more efficient

  • Gave back to our fellow designers

Service Design Jam

Our colleagues of Knight Moves will be hosting the Ghent Service Jam from the 9th until the 11th of March. The Ghent Service Jam is part of the Global service jam a worldwide event that makes people come together and focus on problem solving through co-creating new services. To help inform people about the event the organising team put their heads together and used the 8 hours they had to set up a small website with all the necessary information. What are you waiting for?! Join in on the fun!


Wall art

Last year we moved to a brand new office following our ongoing growth in numbers. Since then it has been given a stylish makeover with industrial/scandinavian furniture & decoration. We're proud of the way it has evolved together with us, but we felt it lacked that personal touch that makes you look twice. So a few of the more artistic colleagues came up with some amazing wall art that you will find hanging around our office. Feel free to drop by and see it in action!


Online Styleguide

As a product design studio our colleagues of Little Miss Robot are convinced of the power of having a design system. It provides a unique yet universal way to communicate your values to an audience and it fuels the need for discussion between designers and developers, making sure projects succeed. Our developers use our design system as a base to create an online styleguide. Over the past few projects we gathered some feedback and today a small team of creative developers chose to process some of that feedback. If you're in need of a kickass online styleguide to improve your business drop us a line!


FLOW kit

Continuing our ongoing quest to achieve a more efficient workflow we iterated on LUCK even further during out time spent on client work. We re-named LUCK and released FLOW our Flexible Library for Optimised Wireframing a sketch library stacked with flexible symbols, neat little icons and basically everything you need to create the wireframes & flows that helps us improve our clients' products. Using the remaining time we built a one-pager to spread the word! Check it out and let us know what you think! We're always looking for constructive feedback to improve it even further!

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