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What is service design?

Service design simply is designing and implementing the experience of users and employees, by implementing these methodologies: user research, customer journeys, personas, service blueprints, data analysis and storyboards.

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    Artificial Intelligence in Service Design

    Technology is more than ever impacting our daily lives. Services are fundamentally shifting from mere human-to-human contact towards a mix of technological and human interaction. Designers should already take this evolution into account when creating future experiences. In this think-piece we will spotlight artificial intelligence, its accompanying design hurdles and how to overcome them.

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    And the rest is implementation…

    Implementation of services at the ground floor of organisations is not a merely administrative follow-up of the design process. Let's look into the pivotal role of first line staff and how to take them into account successfully in service design.

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    Service Design Global Conference 2018 - Dublin

    Knight Moves went to Dublin for the Service Design Global conference. Read what they learned from the speakers and hands-on workshops!

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    ARENA #6 - Human Centred Organisations

    For our 6th edition of ARENA we invited Olga Scupin from Fuxblau and Kara Kane from GovUK to talk about their experience with Human Centred Organisations. It was a great succes!

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      Startup's most beloved friend: Innovation Ecosystems

      Why would you research the same product assumptions, your neighbor did already 3 years ago? Say hi to startups’ most beloved friend: The innovation ecosystem.

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      Ghent Service Jam 2018

      A few weeks ago we hosted the Ghent Service Jam in our office. Time to reflect and put together some of our learnings from the experience!

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      Opening our second studio in Kortrijk

      Yesterday we opened a second office in Kortrijk. After growing steadily stronger over the past years in Ghent, we felt it was time to venture into new grounds. Read all about it here!

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      Take your wireframes to the next level with FLOW

      This our own internal library which allows us to easily create detailed wireframes, without being too restrictive. We use this as a starting point to keep everything efficient & consistent, but they still encourage creativity and some custom work.

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      Fix It Friday 2.0

      We pick a friday every two months where we clear our schedules to take care of fixing the small practicals and to have fun at the same time, blowing off steam doing creative projects that benefit both us, our clients and our fellow creatives.

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      What we learned after playing around with ARkit for a week

      When Apple announced ARKit earlier this year, the writing was on the wall that AR might be on the verge of blowing up into the mainstream. We put the software to the test to see if it is really living up to the hype.

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      Why do you need a framework for innovation?

      Over the last years we‘ve worked together with a lot of teams - public, corporate and startup - on challenging innovation & transformation projects. In this blog post we share our learnings and how we discovered an integrated framework for innovation along the way.

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      Unveiling the secrets of Microsoft Hololens

      At LeapForward, we consider staying on top of the latest technological advances to be of crucial importance if we want to continue to offer our clients the best solutions for their digital product design needs.

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      Sneaking Service Design into large organisations

      Read all about our talk at the Globale Service Design Conference 2017. Top insights on how to spark interest, show impacts and go viral with service design processes in your organisation.​

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      VR Days Europe

      In the end of October we visited the VR Days Europe conference, a 3-day celebration of Virtual and Augmented content, creativity and innovation. These are our take aways!

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      Introducing the 'Blockchain Value Design Method'

      Blockchain is a highly disruptive and complex technology. We found that many organisations have questions about it. Download our toolkit and start prototyping valuable concepts.

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      The making of Journey For Elysium: A VR Experience: Part 1

      Read all about the making of Journey For Elysium. A VR storytelling experience we are building from the ground up at our studio!

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      Design Matters 2017 Conference

      In September, we went to Copenhagen and attended the Design Matters conference.

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      Fix It Friday

      Every two months on Friday afternoon we clear our schedules and take the time to fix things.

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      Creative sessions, what's the point?

      A good creative session is a lot more than just generating ideas. It’s part of a larger goal of delivering innovation in a company and creating the right culture to achieve this.

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      Change Management is now Service Design

      More than any other method, service design uses human interaction as a starting point to make progress and create solutions. Read all about how we approach change in our projects.

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