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Performance is an online application’s loading and running speed on different devices.

Customers today are used to apps with great performance. That’s why we focus on creating a seamless experience when building your website or application. We do this by thinking about various relevant parameters like the number of actions users take on the central and graphics processing units (CPU and GPU). Sometimes, it’s impossible to improve performance because a platform is just so big and has so much functionality. In that case, it’s our mission to give the user the feeling of speed, achieved for example through loaders, empty states and lazy-loading.


Some benefits

Retainment: Great performance leads to higher retainment rates, which means that a user will stay longer on your website or mobile application.

Higher conversion rates: Turning prospects into customers is easier when performance is on point as it builds trust, suggests professionalism, and keeps them interested.

Efficiency: With better performance comes better use of resources, at the back-end as well as for the client.

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