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Strategic Copywriter

Leap Forward is on the lookout for an experienced English-speaking copywriter to join our team.

We’re looking for an experienced and versatile copywriter with a magnificent grasp of the English language, who's fluent in Dutch and has the ability to strategise, ideate and execute across a range of subjects and industries. Leap Forward has been growing steadily over the last few years and we’ve recently expanded our horizons to include meaningful marketing and full-service copywriting. That’s where you come in.


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Great workspace & atmosphere:

A place in an inspiring studio in the buzzing centre of Ghent where we create time and space for creativity. On Fix-It Fridays, for example, we clear our schedules and fix practical matters that otherwise disturb our flow, and during our Leap Forward Labs, we learn something cool like 3D, do some creative knitting together, or make a stop-motion movie. Anything is possible!

Amazing colleagues:

Work within a diverse team of digital experts that tackles challenges for small and high-profile companies. We share our expertise and know-how so that we can learn from one another. On Friday afternoons, we have a "Take The Stage" where we update each other on projects and workflow over a beer.

A huge range of projects:

Challenging and diverse projects for startups, established companies and other agencies.

Training & personal growth:

Everyone is free to pick an annual conference and extra training. Pick any conference in Europe you want to attend, we take care of your flight, tickets, accommodation, and we even throw in some extra allowance.

Competitive salary:

We'll offer a competitive salary with great benefits and all the professional equipment you could wish for: an ergonomic setup, a Macbook Pro, an extra screen, external keyboard and mouse, you know the drill 😉


We're looking for

As our commander of copy, you’ll be crafting beautiful sentiments for our own marketing and communication as well as that of our clients. From defining an organisation’s tone of voice to researching the impact of syntax changes within a website or app, we want someone that can make informed decisions on copy strategy and carry them through to the final finished product. Here are a few of the skills our winning candidate should possess:

  • Native English speaker or impeccably fluent in the language

  • A professional level of Dutch is also needed for client communication

  • You know your way around a CMS and can edit content with ease

  • Proven experience with SEO practices and implementation

  • User- and customer-centricity are more than just a buzzword in your book

  • Capable of creating content plans and strategising with clients and colleagues.

  • Storytelling and marketing skills are definitely an added bonus

Want to become part of our team?