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3 minute read - by Grietje Vermoortele

Inspiration overload: the most important trend reports for 2019

It's that time of the year again: December! I always look forward to this month, and one major reason is that many trend and intelligence firms publish their yearly trend reports. I'm a huge believer of consumer trends and capturing changing consumer behavior. It's very valuable inspiration during our design sprints and kick-off sessions we do with clients. Since we all can use a bit (read: overload) of inspiration to start the new year, I've listed the major trend reports. From consumer to tech to design, this article covers it all.

JWT 100 2019

One of my favorites and must reads is the JWT 100 report. Every year the intelligence firm highlights emerging consumer behaviors with 100 trend predictions from all over the world. These trends span many verticals like culture, tech and innovation, travel and hospitality, brands and marketing, food and drink, beauty, retail, health, lifestyle, and luxury. Each chapter includes an original analysis of why it matters for the organizations whose products and services we use daily. A number of the products and services you'll already know, but many will surprise you as well.

You can download it for free.



Another amazing resource for everything trends related is From a yearly report to an extensive trend database filled to the brim with innovations, to events all over the world. On their blog they already shared 5 important trends for 2019. I'll already share a sneakpeak here:

So if you plan to make waves in 2019, then consider running with one (or more!) of these big five emerging consumer trends:

Progressive consumers will welcome the ‘law of the brand’.

Why an extreme test and fix mindset is the future of wellness.

A bold new frontier for sustainability.

It’s time for our emerging AI overlords to play fair.

Imagined and real worlds collide in the name of play.

Full explanation about these trends can be found on



When it comes to technology trends, Gartner is my main source. Their Smarter with Gartner initiative shows you what 2019 will show on the field of technology. All reports are split up in the themes Intelligent, Digital and Mesh. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, empowered edge, privacy and ethics, quantum computing, immersive experiences, augmented analytics, autonomous things and digital twins drive the Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019. More information about these tech trend overload can be found on the website of Gartner.



Popscience published a list with the coolest innovations of 2018. Although this is technically no trend report, it will definitely bring you input in many verticals. You can discover the full list here.


Fjord, part of Accenture, also presents a yearly trend report. Their point of view focusses on bringing added value and being relevant. The steep demand on the planet’s resources mirrors the demand on our time and attention, which leads to following meta theme this year: the search for value and relevance.

Here a small intro on the 2019 trend report: In 2019, success will lie in providing value relevant not only to individuals, but also to the world. Value creation will not come from simply growing bigger, but by being better. In busy lives and on a crowded planet, only the relevant will remain. Download the report here.



Also Mintel published their global consumer trend report for 2019. With themes covering sustainability, health and wellness, tech and society, this report is also a valuable addition to your reading list. You can download the report here.



But what about digital and marketing trends? In the Global Web Index report, the biggest trends shaping the global and digital marketing landscape in 2019 and beyond are outlined. Experts share their vision on the topics that matter around consumer behaviors and marketing efforts. Below a few questions that will be answered while reading the report.

  • How 'social' is today's social media?
  • Is esports taking aim at the mainstream?
  • What does 'trust' mean in the new era of data privacy?
  • How is the green tide of consumerism shifting?
  • How should we prepare for the voice search revolution?
  • How can we decrypt the cryptocurrency market?

More about the Global Web Index can be found here.



I hope this is overload on trends can bring you the necessary inspiration for the new year. Don't have time to get to the bottom of it or you want to make a number of these trends tangible in your 2019 strategy, then a trend session might be the next step. If you need a tailor-made trend presentation and/or session where we tackle the most important trends for your industry or company and take them to the next level, don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail. Let's have a coffee and discuss the future.


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Digital adventurer with the consumer top-of-mind. One day she inspires innovators with the latest trends in the consumer arena, the other she's defining a digital marketing strategy.

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